Cabaret Jazz Fanatics Fund

The Cabaret Jazz Fanatics is a support group for the Norris Cabaret Jazz Series. Members can be recognized by their distinctive Fanatics’ badge. Fanatics’ donations, ranging from $60 up to $1,200, help promote the CJS and allow us to feature out-of-town bands by covering travel and hotel expenses. Cabaret Jazz Fanatics also enjoy certain benefits, including free beverages, CDs, raffle tickets and, at the highest levels, complimentary season subscriptions. In addition, each year Marty Rosenzweig and Frank Schaffer host a small, intimate jazz dinner party for Season Sponsors, featuring artists who have appeared at the Cabaret. If your name does not appear on the list below, please consider joining this wonderful group by visiting the Jazz Fanatics’ desk in the lobby during Cabaret Jazz performances, or by calling the box office at (310) 544-0403. Contributions are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.

  • Season Sponsors ($1200 and up)
  • Ginny Bleier

    Lynn & Park Densmore

    Anne & Ray Destabelle

    Carole & David Diestel

    Sylvia & Warren Erikson

    Lynne & Bob Grotz

    Betty & Irwin Helford

    Joe & Virginia


    Melody & Sal Intagliata

    Jazzdagen Tours

    Marylyn & Chuck Klaus

    Kathy & Edward Lahey

    Marilyn & Marvin Litvak

    Gloria & Bill McGinn

    Helen Mellott

    Jackie & Joe Ploen

    Bernice &

        Dr. Martin Rozenzweig

    Marilyn & Frank Schaffer

    Sue & Steve Soldoff

    Jane & John Tonkinson

    Pat & Bill Webster

  • Virginia Whittier
  • Heroes ($600-$1199)
  • Shirley & Bob Hallstein

    Anita & Hal Javitt

    Dale & Dick Johnson

    Joan & Dick Moe

    Betty & Jack Reider

    Jane & Al Spaeter

    Kathy & Ted Stinis
  • Patrons ($300-$599)
  • Marilyn & George Camisa

    Maryann & Eugene Cantisano

    Doris & James Gilchrist

    Doris & Mel Hughes

    Faith & Jim Morrow
  • Supporters ($120-$299)
  • Thelma & Des Arthurs

    Thea Bower

    Louise & John Bye

    Mickey & Nick Fasola

    Sophia Fitzmaurice

    Patricia & Ronald Forbess

    Ines & Vernon Foster

    Sue & Al Frew

  • Jan & Jim Gardner

    Mary & Jim Gisbrecht 

    Martha Glenn

    Rowena & Douglas Gordon

    Rita & Leonard Guiton

    Kitty & Alfred Hill

    Pam Barrett & Jim Hill

    Jane & Jim Jones

    Marge Kakara

    Lorraine & Robert Kasse

    Carole & Russell Lefevre

    Jeanne Lindman

    Alice & John Maniatakis

    Vangie & Paul Maynard

    Marjorie & Arthur McKarns

    Jolaine Merrill

    Lois & Jim Moore

    Katy & Jim Mountain

    Astrid & Jacques Naviaux

    Val & Henry Noguchi

    Bev & Jim O’Donnell

    Jan & Warren Palmer

    Ramona & Bill Petak

    Pat & Bud Piper

    Irene & Bob Rosenberg

    Elaine & Ron Salovey

    Judy & Rolf Sannes

    Sandy & Alan Scharff

    Phyllis & Joe Sherwood

    Sofia & Roger Sommer

    Robert Taylor

    Elly & Robert Visser

    Margaret Wagar

    Rowie & Jeff Wolf
  • Donors ($60-$119)
  • Margie Arrowood

    Joan Deragon

    Mary & Howard Kehrl

    Beverly & Harlan Knudson

    Nancy & Jim McBride

    Carol Mead

    Carmen Moore

    Kathy Roberts

    Irene & Arnold Silver

    Lori & Roger Stolze

    Electra Trapp